The Complete Eventing Yourself Arc

Note: This was originally a five part arc. We’re condensing it to a single entry Eventing Yourself, Part 1 I enjoy Brad Berens’ Mediavorous blog because, well, he’s Brad Berens and Brad often makes me think and I enjoy that experience. Often Brad and I think about the same things from different paradigms. He recently…

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The non-locality of Pizza Shops

I’m sharing some NextStage research long before it gets through our publication system because, quite frankly, I’ve been informed we have about three years of work just writing up our existing research. It’ll be a while before this makes it to the surface, hence I’m sharing a “pre-publication” here. The research was simple and based…

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Brilliantly Social – The Dancing Traffic Light

One of our researchers sent this to me and I think it’s brilliant. Watch the video. This is technology working for the greater good. And it’s so freakin’ social as to not be believed. It’s Eventing Yourself without letting yourself be known. Enjoy!

The Curse of Social Networks

NextStage spent a nice chunk of time exploring social phenomena on the net and I’ve written a few papers on the subject. It was only long after we completed the research that I decided to become active in social networks, though. The funny thing is that online social networks existed long before we called them…

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