NextStage’s Language Engine Technology in Brief

Evolution Technology is comprised of a series of modules or “engines” which have the ability to determine an individual’s learning styles, memorization methods, attentiveness, reactions to information and much more. Evolution Technology does this by monitoring non-conscious psycho- and cognitive-motor behaviors during real-time activities and is entirely passive. The system never asks individuals to fill out forms, to identify themselves, or to go through an active recognition process. It can be adapted to any human-machine interface and our first efforts are in the Web-internet arena. Uses of our technology include learning and training systems, ecommerce, intelligent-interactive systems (toys, cars, planes), intruder detection, identification, detection of predatory behavior, detection of fabricated information and other security concerns.
One use of Evolution Technology is determining non-conscious messages which are embedded in marketing, advertising, collateral and associated material. These non-conscious messages can turn potential clients away, make existing clients hesitant to continue doing business, and even let employers know there’s trouble on the horizon regarding specific employees.

The following comments are from our clients

From a Professional Website Designer

I recently had a website that I designed run through NextStage Evolution’s engines. The overall message that was found took me by surprise but was right on target. The actual message was “in me there is no time” and at the time this was one of 15 projects going on and I was most definitely in a hurry to complete this particular website. I was floored that the engines picked up on my inner feelings at the time.”

From the Principal in an Advertising & Marketing firm

Having had my website reviewed by NextStage Evolution’s engines, I was able to find out exactly what my third partner was feeling about our business relationship at the time they wrote the content for our website. These are the results…

  • I can’t see myself here.
  • I can’t be myself here.
  • This is not where I want to be.

Coincidentally, the partner left the company 8 months before I had the website tested. No real reasons were given but now I have my answers.

From the Principal in a Website Design & Consulting firm

Right before a co-worker left the company, they created a website for an association that we work with closely. They had been responsible for creating the entire content of the website from research, to architecture, to editing and final publication. When I heard about NextStage Evolution and the technology they had created, I was curious to see what this website was really saying to visitors. The results blew me away…”The world is waiting for me/It’s better out there and it’s almost time for me to go.”

That co-worker left two weeks after that site went live. More to the point, the site produced rotten returns. NextStage explained that the co-worker’s messages were turning prospects away. This was about a month after the co-worker left and nobody at NextStage knew the backstory.


From an eCommerce site

I asked Joe to run his technology on our site and five of our competitors’ sites. His Evolution Technology showed our five competitors with pretty much the same messages; “Learn about insurance here.”

Our site had the message “Go away, we’re not ready.”

I told Joe this was hard to believe because I had designed one of those competitive sites.

About ten minutes later while I was thinking about it, I realized that when I designed our site we didn’t have a product and were about six months away from having one. I remember that I was really nervous someone would actually contact us and ask for a demo when we had nothing to show them.

Joe’s Evolution Technology correctly analyzed the message that was deep in our site, and because I’d never updated our site the message was still there, months after we’d been in the market.

Then, after making modifications we suggested…

Joe, it went like this:

We had a splash screen – 13 sec duration that went to the home page. The majority of unique visits logged were less than 1 minute duration [and] never went past the homepage unless it was job seeking.

This prevailed until after you did an analysis.

Page text was revised. After 2 months stats showed avg 6 minutes visit time. Decent percentage was 3 pages deep. After 2 more months avg time is 8 minutes.

Decent percentage was 4-5 pages deep. 2 more months or so with no big front page changes and avg time remained about the same at 8min.

Evolution Technology’s Language Engines can scan any electronic media or presentation before or after it is made publicly available to find negative and offputting messages such as these. Further, NextStage Evolution’s staff can determine how to modify such material so that your intended message gets across before blowing your advertising or production budgets on doomed efforts. Evolution Technology can even warn employers of troublesome employees before those troubles manifest themselves.

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