Site-Penetration Up 225%, Time-On-Site Up 300%, Conversions Up 20% in Four Months

Note: This post was originally published as a NextStage Evolution Evolution Technology Case Study

The Client

The client is an online insurance technology provider which had been in business for over a year. They were in a highly competitive field and being extremely unsuccessful.

The Problem

The client was spending a great deal of money on their website and related marketing efforts with very poor return on their investment. Part of the confusion was that their principal competitors’ websites were having great success and the client couldn’t identify the reasons for their own lack of success.

The Solution

The VP of Marketing contacted NextStage and requested that NextStage analyze the client’s website using Evolution Technology to determine the differences between the client’s unsuccessful site and the successful sites of five competitors.

NextStage conducted the site analyses and presented the results. The VP of Marketing’s comments follow:

I asked NextStage to use its technology analyze on our site and five of our competitors’ sites. NextStage’s Evolution Technology showed our five competitors with pretty much the same messages; “Learn about us here” Our site had the message “Go away, we’re not ready.” I told NextStage’s consultants this was hard to believe because I had designed one of those competitive sites as well. About ten minutes later while I was thinking about it, I realized that when I designed our site we didn’t have a product and were about six months away from having one. I remember that I was really nervous someone would actually contact us and ask for a demo when we had nothing to show them. NextStage’s Evolution Technology correctly analyzed the message that was deeply embedded in our site, and because I’d never updated our site the message was still there, months after we’d been in the market.

NextStage’s Evolution Technology also provided some minor suggestions to remove the “hidden” message it had uncovered and to make the site more accessible. These suggestions included:

  • Change the opening splash screen to something more discreet and quickly resolve it to highlight desired menu options
  • Remove the existing graphic of a building and replace it with a smiling female face
  • Change the background coloring of the menu so that the items stand out

The Result

We let the customer’s webmaster explain:

It went like this. We had a splash screen – 13 sec duration that went to the home page. The majority of our unique visitors logged stayed on our site less than 1 minute. The majority of our visitors never went past the homepage unless it was job seeking. Shortly after NextStage conducted its analysis, we implemented the recommended changes and monitored the site very carefully. After 2 months the statistics showed an average of 6 minutes visit time per unique visitor and a high percentage of the visitors were 3 pages deep. After 2 more months the average time increased to 8 minutes with a high percentage 4-5 pages deep. Subsequent site monitoring revealed that the average time remained about the same at 8 minutes.

Increased site-penetration and time-on-site translated into a 20% increase in conversions in four months’ time, turning an unsuccessful site into a successful site for the cost of NextStage’s analysis and a half-day of webpage editing.

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