Interesting Content from Kimberlee Morrison

Often the greatest treasures are those we find in our own backyards. At least in our own “blogging” backyards.

Case in point and as I noted in Thoughts on Building a Business, part 9, fellow KMM author and assistant editor Kimberlee Morrison and the arc she started in [[(it’s gone, unfortunately)]] [[(what once was lost now is found thanks to Kimberlee KimChee Morrison)]] My Life as A Freedom Writer – Part I.

My nature is to bury myself in my research, surfacing only when required. I’m going to have to rethink this model if I continue to overlook the treasures in my own backyard. I knew nothing about the Freedom Writers until I read her and related entries on the subject. I’ve written before about The Village, how good causes are all around us just waiting to be found and carrying out actions based on what we learn.

Now, dear reader, it’s your turn. Find a cause, make a goal, take part. The whole world is waiting.

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True Power of the Internet, Social Awareness and Fundraising

I’m on several lists (as is everyone, I guess). A request came through from one list that fits into the True Power of the Internet theme I published a while ago. I’m going to start by saying I know nothing about this fellow or the organization he’s with. His request is for help with fundraising for Meserete Kristos College in Ethiopia. As I wrote above, I know nothing about this fellow or the cause. I’ve navigated his site a bit (don’t expect knock out graphics or killer content, this is truly a homespun affair) and emailed him with some suggestions (there were spelling errors, minor things but things which would put people off more likely than not). The power of such a grass roots campaign was evidenced in the 2004 US Presidential elections section of Reading Virtual Minds Volume I: Science and History, where Howard Dean demonstrated raising money was a matter of such social campaigns.

People are looking for causes, for things to believe in, for connections beyond the casual “hi, how are you?” they experience more and more in life these days. One of the easiest ways to get people to interact with you in a positive manner is to simply say “Hello” and smile at them when you do so, but how many people requesting your time, money, attention or help do so? What is true in interpersonal communication is true on the ‘net; a nice, friendly hello draws people in. Anything else pushes them out.

What good causes have you found on the ‘net, causes which are either at the grassroots stage or slightly further along? I’d be interested in learning about them, and thank.

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